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Axial Skeleton: Advanced Massage Therapy Course

The axial skeleton advanced massage therapy course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the structure, function, palpation, assessment, and treatment of the soft tissues associated with the torso, spine, head, neck, and face (TMJ). Emphasis is placed on ethical business practices and the scientific principles of hydrotherapy massage applications that can be easily incorporated into your Atlanta massage practice or anywhere else in the world.

Our axial skeleton massage course introduces the basics of hydrotherapy massage applications, tools needed, and more.

Topics covered in the axial skeleton advanced massage therapy course include:

  • Professional Ethics: Students learn ethical practices as they relate to massage therapy, including elements of the therapeutic relationship, strategies for problem solving, and scope of practice.
  • Business: Learn how to develop a business plan and create applicable vision/mission statements as well as determine start-up costs. The curriculum will also cover required permits, licenses, insurance, advertising, business cards, and taxes specific to the Atlanta area.
  • Hydrotherapy Massage Training: Students learn the basic applications of heat and cold as used in hydrotherapy massage, the mechanisms of heat transfer, and the effects and contraindications for heat and cold.
  • Special Populations: Curriculum covers the needs of people who require alternate massage techniques due to health, age, or disabilities.
  • HIV/AIDS Education: Students learn about the biology and etiology of the disease, and explore various modes of transmission.
  • Massage Tools: Instructors demonstrate a wide variety of tools commonly used for both clinical applications and self treatment.
  • Introduction to Thai Massage: Instructors introduce the ancient healing art of Thai massage, which has been practiced for over 1,000 years and features a complex sequence of soft tissue stretching and compression.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Students will be instructed in the nervous, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems.

Learn more about the curriculum presented in this advanced massage therapy course, or explore our other massage training courses at our school in Atlanta by using the links provided below.

Listen to what the experts have to say...

"I attended and graduated from several massage programs, but it wasn’t until Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski became my instructors that I realized my full potential as a massage therapist. Laurie Craig is the most dynamic, knowledgeable Anatomy and Physiology instructor one could hope for. Her method of teaching the body and its systems made it easy to learn and put me miles ahead of other massage therapists. Laurie’s education, vast knowledge and teaching method were on par with any college level courses. As for Rick Garbowski his knowledge and dedication to the teaching of massage is unsurpassed. His knowledge of massage and clinical work ranks him as one of the best if not the best instructor in the country. Because of their dedication and true concern for me to obtain the best possible education available, I was able to go on to teach the entire Florida massage program at the Key West Learning Institute and establish a successful massage practice. After selling my practice I developed CRYODERM, a topical pain reliever and anti-inflammatory used by Chiropractors and Massage Therapists. After working with Chiropractors at trade shows I realized that the education I had obtained from Rick and Laurie was invaluable, my knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and soft tissue work was in many cases superior to that of the DC’S. Armed with that knowledge I put together classes for Chiropractors and currently am a featured speaker and teacher at several State Chiropractic Associations. I could go on and on, the accolades are non-stop for these two. They are well known in our field as icons of the industry. If you are seeking a superior education have no doubt that you will get it from them."

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- Lloyd List

  • CEO, CRYODERM™, Pain Management Division - The Premier “Pain Relieving Cryotherapy Spray, Gel & Roll-on”
  • Advanced Instructor - Approved Provider of continuing education classes for Doctors of Chiropractic in several states
  • Licensed massage therapist since 1993, Nationally Certified