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Testimonials and Why Our Students Think GMS is One of the Best Massage Schools

Why Students Love Georgia Massage School Instructors

Testimonials from students about Rick and Laurie’s dedication and commitment to delivering a relevant, memorable, and inspiring massage education to students in the Atlanta area. >>Play Video

"From the moment I walked in GMS I felt at home, like I was in the right place. Laurie and Rick are effective, talented, enthusiastic teachers. Laurie is so intelligent yet she manages to teach in a style that helps us to understand the material in a fun way. She has a great unique sense of humor that we look forward to everyday of class. She loves her job and it shows.

Rick knows his stuff. He has been trained himself by some of the best massage therapists in the country. I learned so much about applying massage techniques the first week! Rick and Laurie build our confidence everyday because they are always encouraging no matter how badly we feel we have performed. I will graduate massage school assured I received the best education possible."

Nancy Pinnero
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"Georgia Massage School is an excellent school. The teachers make the school. Rick and Laurie make learning fun in their own quirky way. Laurie is fun and Rick is able to relate the things we learn to real life making learning and retaining information easy and fun."

Logan Pruett
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"The program and people at Georgia Massage School are beyond amazing. Rick and Laurie are the best teachers and they teach in a way to where you truly understand and are excited to learn everything. Rick and Laurie truly care about not only giving you the best education in the country but also preparing you for your best life. I would not take back this experience for anything and am graduating today and am fully prepared for my career in massage therapy and prepared to be a more disciplined, passionate and better person."

Brooke Outland
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"I cannot say enough about the quality of teaching and instruction provided at Georgia Massage School. Laurie and Rick are top notch in the field of massage therapy! The learning environment was relaxing yet challenging, supportive, and encouraging. The convenient class times also provide an excellent way for students to balance school and other responsibilities. I am honored to have been a part of the Georgia Massage School family."

Toneka Etienne
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"Laurie and Rick not only own Georgia Massage School but they happen to be unbelievable instructors. They teach everything in such a genuine, caring, intelligent and thought provoking way. I have known Laurie and Rick for six years now and they are the best. Trust me, I did my research on massage schools in Georgia and their quality of teaching is the best, plus they have decades of experience in the field."

Julie Ann Wittle
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"English is not my first language for me. I am from Thailand. I came to the United States about two years ago. I decided to learn massage therapy at Georgia Massage School. I was very nervous to learn because of my language. Burt when I come to study the feeling I had before were gone. Rick and Laurie personally worked with me in overcoming all my fears and concerns in starting the detailed massage program. I give them many thanks in teaching me. They are very good teacher and very helpful."

Chantana (Anna) Gordy
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"No school would have been a better fit for me than Georgia Massage School. Due to the smaller and friendlier environment, students and teachers alike have the opportunity to develop close relationships which aide learning incredibly. As a hands-on interactive learner myself, I was able to ask every question that came to mind and many questions that I would never have had the opportunity to even consider within a less intimate classroom setting. Rick and Laurie are no doubt the best instructors I have had throughout my years in both secondary school and through the university system to gain my bachelor’s degree. They are always eager to answer questions and to encourage investigation – they never make you feel like you are wasting their time as I have so often experienced throughout my previous educational experiences. I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Georgia Massage School to anyone considering massage therapy as their next step."

Sara Raiser
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

Thank you Laurie, Rick, and GMS for training me to be the best! I just finished a seven-day horse show. I had over 40 people who received table massages in addition to the horses. My hands do not hurt! My arms feel stronger then ever. Body! I have to share with you and give GMS all the credit for two of the many compliments I received. One client said, "I have literally been around the world, and had massages around the world. Nanci, your massage was the very best I ever had." She came back that week for two more massages, 90 minutes each. She also allowed me the privilege to treat her national champion stallion before he competed. I found three spasms and released them. He won his class and is the national champion 2010. Another client, a professional horse trainer and show manager, 6'3" and 250 lbs said, "You have to be the strongest lady I have ever met, your hands are so healing, and no one has ever been able to get that knot out before."

Nanci Mallow, LMT, Equine Sports Massage Therapist
Graduate, Georgia Massage School -

"Over the last 20 years I've had the great fortune to teach all across this country and meet educators from dozens of massage training programs. I have known Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski personally for over two decades and watched them both demonstrate a track record of outstanding accomplishments. I can state without reservation that they are two of the best educators that I have yet come across in our field." .....more

Whitney Lowe
Director, Orthopedic Massage Education and Research Institute (OMERI)

"Without hesitation, I would recommend that any student, who is considering massage therapy, as a career choice, to examine closely, the credentials and experience of Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski. I am happy and privileged to call Laurie and Rick colleagues and lend my support to their school and education program." .....more

Benny Vaughn, LMT, ATC, CSCS

"Laurie and Rick have created a new program that combines a superior anatomy and pathology education with a strong assessment background. This training enhances the therapists' ability to identify the safest and most effective treatment techniques. Their unique and entertaining presentation skills provide students of all levels with an enjoyable learning experience that allows them to understand and retain this material." .....more

Tanya Fry, LMT

"I attended and graduated from several massage programs, but it wasn’t until Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski became my instructors that I realized my full potential as a massage therapist. Laurie Craig is the most dynamic, knowledgeable Anatomy and Physiology instructor one could hope for. As for Rick Garbowski, his knowledge of massage and clinical work ranks him as one of the best if not the best instructor in the country." .....more

Lloyd List, RPT, NCTMB, C.HT
CEO, CRYODERM™, Pain Management Division

"Laurie Craig brought to life the human body in a way that kept my curiosity and my desire to learn at a fever pitch for all of my intense training. Her knowledge and passion for anatomy and physiology is second to none. Rick Garbowski was not only the director of my program, but also my encourager. He is also one of the finest teachers of massage technique in the country. I can assure you that as a student of Georgia Massage School you will receive the finest and most applicable education from the very best staff in the entire industry." .....more

Jeffrey Wells, CMT, LMT, NMT, NCTM

"The arrival of Georgia Massage School guarantees the professionalism, ethics and integrity of massage therapy in Georgia's future. We are pleased, gratified and eager to forge a partnership with Rick and Laurie in their new enterprise. We see fabulous things for the future of massage therapy in Georgia." .....more

Body Mechanics/Sports Massage Therapy Group

"Laurie, you are an amazing person and an inspiration to women! You and Rick are a great team and are offering wonderful career opportunities to your students. I built a thriving practice and established a health center where I was able to offer opportunities to other therapists during my thirteen years as a massage therapist. I credit much of my success to the thorough knowledge base I received in your anatomy and physiology classes. When I closed my practice dozens of my clients had been coming to me for therapy for a decade or more. You made a difference in my life, and that allowed me to make a difference in theirs. You set the bar high for your students, but you make the goal achievable by giving them all the tools they need. (Not to mention the comedic relief you throw in for free!)"

Marlene Svoboda

"Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski are two of the finest educators I have ever encountered. They are jam packed with knowledge all of which they make breathtakingly clear. I didn't just learn anatomy and physiology and massage technique and application from Laurie and Rick, I absorbed it."

Laura Brewer, LMT

"Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski are excellent teachers in the field of massage. Both stay on top of current trends in the industry, studying and adapting it to the curriculum. Laurie makes anatomy a fun learning experience, having literally written the book on the subject. Her years of experience teaching in the allied health fields helps prepare the massage student for real life situations encounterd when in practice. Rick has years of experience developing a completely new and effective style of massage as seen with his work with Whitney Lowe, another top educater in this field. His personal style and calmness makes for an exciting classroom experience. I am sure the Georgia Massage School will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed for this exciting career."

Samuel J. Irwin, LMT, NMT

"I can honestly say that I learned more anatomy from Laurie Craig than I did in veterinary school. I learned not only the muscles, but more importantly, their functions suddenly became more clear to me and I believe that made me a better massage therapist as well as a veterinarian. Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience."

Karen Ellis, LMT, DVM

"Laurie Craig and Rick Garbowski are two of the finest educators in the field of massage therapy. I have had the pleasure of working with them as a student and a coworker. It is my pleasure to recommend Georgia Massage School to anyone interested in becoming more than just a massage therapist, but a true complementary health care professional. In a city where massage schools are a dime a dozen, this one stands out like a beacon."

Michael D. Hendrix LMT NMT
Owner, Garden View Massage, Decatur, GA