Massage Continuing Education Courses

We offer a number of massage continuing education courses throughout the year. Stay tuned to this page for the latest announcements of upcoming, advanced massage courses from highly respected instructors from around the country.

Advanced Massage Courses for 2016

Reminder to all Georgia Licensed Massage Therapists: License renewal deadline is October 31, 2016. You need 24 CE's earned between November 1, 2014 and October 31, 2016 to renew your license. More information on Georgia Board Requirements can be found at the Georgia Secretary of State website. All of our continuing education courses are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

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Lymphatic Massage for Detoxification

Presented by Claire Marie Miller

Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24
9 am - 5 pm
14 CE's
Fee: $300 early registration, $335 after June 23

For course details & to register: visit Claire Marie Miller Seminars.

Learn a skill that will provide your clients with powerful detoxification! This protocol combines a basic lymphatic massage along with skin brushing, and castor oil packs on the abdomen. Additional detoxifying foot reflexology enhances a potent cleanse to the body. In this course you will learn:

• A Complete Full body Lymphatic Massage
• Anatomy of the lymphatic system
• Castor oil pack applications to support cleansing of the lymph nodes in the small intestines
• Deep colon cleansing massage techniques
• Indications and Contraindications for Lymphatic Massage


Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy

Presented by Randall Gibson

Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7
9 am - 5 pm
12 CE's
Fee: $250 early registration, $295 after July 23

For course details & to register: visit Polarity Healthcare.
Registration is also available by phone 330-701-8780.

In this class, you will develop and/or refine your light-touch palpation skills by learning how to palpate and evaluate the craniosacral rhythm, a subtle physiological movement affecting the entire body. You will also learn how to locate subtle restrictions in the connective tissue system and correct those restrictions using gentle myofascial techniques.

This is an opportunity to sample the Upledger Institute's CranioSacral Therapy course studied by more than 85,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide. This twelve-hour program is a mix of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice designed to teach you the benefits of CST along with some basic techniques you can use in practice and for your own health.


Integrative Reflexology

Presented by Claire Marie Miller

Saturday, September 3 - Monday, September 5
9 am - 6 pm
24 CE's
Fee: $445 early registration, $475 after August 3

For course details & to register: visit Claire Marie Miller Seminars.

In this foundational certification course you will learn the basic techniques of foot, hand, and ear reflexology through the 4-theory approach to reflexology: structural alignment, zones, oriental meridians, and proprioceptors. This classic whole hand technique makes it gentle on the thumbs and fingers.


Indian Head Massage for Chair and Table

Presented by Debbie DeNardo

Saturday, September 10
9 am - 6 pm
8 CE's
Fee: $170 early registration, $190 after August 19

For course details & to register: visit Massage CE Solutions.
There is no minimum enrollment for this workshop. The instructor has already booked her flights.

Based on the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda, this technique has been practiced for over a thousand years. The massage is calming yet revitalizing, and focuses on the parts of the body most prone to tension and stress: the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp. Pressure points are stimulated during the massage.

Indian Head Massage encourages the deepest relaxation and can help eyestrain and headaches, improve concentration (by improving blood flow), boost hair health, relieve shoulder tension, increase neck mobility, calm the mind and ease emotional stress.

This technique is delivered with the client fully clothed using a chair or as part of a complete bodywork session using a table. Oil is recommended but optional for the scalp massage. This blissful technique offers gentle relief from physical ailments in addition to general relaxation. Great to add to onsite chair massage, for geriatric clients confined to a wheelchair or as a creative ending to a table massage.


Massage Tools to Help Your Hands

Presented by Debbie DeNardo

Sunday, September 11
9 am - 1 pm
4 CE's
Fee: $80 early registration, $90 after August 19

For course details & to register: visit Massage CE Solutions.
There is no minimum enrollment for this workshop. The instructor has already booked her flights.

Massage therapists who generally do not like using massage tools in their practice love this class and discover tools they can’t live without! In this fun and useful class therapists use the open palm method to achieve deeper penetrating pressure on their clients without exerting more force with the hands. Participants experiment giving and receiving massage using a variety of the latest massage tools (as well as old favorites) before making the investment. Some tools are to be used only over clothing (“back rollers”, “jackknobber”, “spiky balls”, “Magic Massager”, “Aqua Relief Pad”), some are to be used with a lubricant on bare skin (“antler”, “snail”), and others are dual purpose tools (“Thumbby”, “octopus”, “turtle”) which can be used with or without oil as well as for self-massage. You are encouraged to bring your own tools to possibly gain additional strokes or to learn how to properly handle and “not grip” them. The goal is for you to have less muscular discomfort after using these tools and to find a tool or two to add to your massage offerings to further benefit your clients and enhance your business.


Ethics: Roles and Boundaries

Presented by Debbie DeNardo

Sunday, September 11
2 pm - 6 pm
4 CE's
Fee: $65 early registration, $80 after August 19

For course details & to register: visit Massage CE Solutions.
There is no minimum enrollment for this workshop. The instructor has already booked her flights.

So you think you know ethics? Get a reality check by taking a fun and challenging 25 point self-quiz designed to reveal your knowledge of ethical roles and boundaries of therapeutic relationships. Questions are presented, answers revealed, and real life experiences and dilemmas are discussed. Topics include boundary crossings, power differential, client expectations, client distress signals and other key areas addressed by ethics. Course includes a peek into various segments of the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy laws and provisions. Enjoy an informative and relaxed class setting while refreshing your knowledge of ethics as it relates to the massage profession.


Orthopedic Massage: Upper Body

Presented by Whitney Lowe

Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25
9 am - 6 pm
16 CE's (plus 4 optional online)
Fee: $325 early registration, $350 after August 24

For course details & to register: visit Academy of Clinical Massage.

Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage workshop for the upper body, including thoracic, cervical, shoulder, and upper extremity pain, injury, and structural problems.

Upper body and upper extremity orthopedic disorders are a virtual epidemic with our technological and busy lives today, especially in the occupational sector. Areas such as the shoulder have very complex biomechanical arrangements that are highly reliant on proper soft-tissue function for their optimum health. This course covers conditions and biomechanical issues of the cervical and upper thoracic region as well, looking at how this entire region is fundamentally interconnected. We also explore disorders caused by damage or dysfunction to peripheral nerves, which make up a huge percentage of upper extremity complaints.


Cupping for Massage and Detox

Presented by Bonny Donnelly Goslee, LMT.BCTMB.RM

Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16
9 am - 5 pm
14 CE's
Fee: $320 early registration, $345 after September 15

For course details visit: Circle of Life Healing.
To register contact the instructor, or 678-363-8327.

Cupping massage is a popular and highly beneficial therapeutic modality that can be used for supplemental therapy or alone. Massage therapists will receive benefit by saving their hands, wrists and thumbs with this effortless and enjoyable therapy. Clients will experience comfortable massage relief and an easy detox application. In this live hands-on workshop, therapists will learn how this ancient therapy aids in balancing our bodies, and how to safely provide basic gliding cupping, simple gua sha, and to apply topical castor oil packs for detoxification and healing, resulting in relief of pain, stress, and promoting rejuvenation to the body, mind and spirit. Come join in the fun and learn 3 new modalities in one class!


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