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Massage Training Videos

If you are considering Georgia Massage School for your education in massage training, the videos below will give you an idea of what you can expect from the first time you visit the school in Atlanta, all the way through to graduation day. Each massage training video and testimonial video below will give you an idea of what you will learn at Georgia Massage School, and how you will use this education in your career as a massage therapist.

Massage School Videos

View the Georgia Massage School videos below to learn more about our instructors, our location in metro Atlanta, and our massage training. The videos are designed to give incoming students an introduction to the program and the real-life experiences of current and former students.

Introduction to Georgia Massage School

Learn how Georgia Massage School provides students with a convenient and professional curriculum that prepares them for a career as a massage therapist. >>Play Video


GMS Massage Therapy Student Testimonial Videos

Listen to current and former students talk about what makes Georgia Massage School’s program so inspiring and why the instructors are so memorable. >>Play Video


Georgia Massage School Training Program Difference

Find out what makes Georgia Massage School stand apart from other schools, and why students consider it the best place to go for a massage education. >>Play Video


Georgia Massage School Staff and Trainer Interviews

Statements from experienced professionals and students about how Rick and Laurie share their knowledge to prepare massage students for success. >>Play Video


Why Students Love Georgia Massage School Instructors

Testimonials from students about Rick and Laurie’s dedication and commitment to delivering a relevant, memorable, and inspiring massage education. >>Play Video