Student Massage Clinic

Georgia massage clinic Treat yourself to a great student massage at an unbelievable price in our metro Atlanta student massage clinic. Our affordable massage is provided by students in our program who are trained in a wide variety of techniques that allow them to customize each session. Whether you enjoy light, medium, or deep massage you’ll find it northeast of Atlanta, just one mile east of Interstate 85.

Pay only $40 for a 1-hour massage, as much as 50% or more off what a licensed therapist might charge. Our current students have clinic hours on Friday mornings, by appointment.

Georgia Massage School is the premier metro Atlanta massage school. Our student massage clinic, located in the suburbs of Atlanta in beautiful Suwanee, GA, offers superior student massage therapy services in a peaceful setting.

Testimonials about Our Affordable Massage in Atlanta

“This is the best massage I have ever had, and I have gotten massages from all over the world."

"This massage was 10 times better than the massage I received on a cruise for $200."

"I can't believe these are student massages! Every massage I have at GMS is wonderful."

Hours Of Operation
Appointment times are based on our current students’ class times. Presently, affordable student massage appointments at the massage clinic are available on Fridays at 9:30 am, 11:00 am and 12:30 pm.

To Schedule An Appointment
Call (678) 482-1100

For information about becoming a massage therapist, or for information about attending Georgia Massage School, click here.